Sky of the World, 03 23 95

Video installation showing one endless blue sky by YLS

Sky from all over the world
11 x 4 m panorama, 44 video cubes.

All videos are taken the same day, same time (local time), each with duration of 15 min.
by the international studios of German TV stations ARD/ WDR.

The real time video installation are showing the borderless and unifying sky,
meanwhile down here on the globe bloody news are written about how to get
and how to defend things and man made frontiers.

While looking at the slowly changing colours and watching clouds moving through
the picture or some birds flying in the sky you can feel the mood of the various places.
You are listening to the sounds from there: roaring Italian motorcycles, voices of people screaming in the streets of New York or songs from exotic birds.
And for a moment you feel as if you were there.

A catalogue with the headlines of the news of this day adds to the impressions.

Under the protectorat of Sprengel Museum Hannover