Porcelain Pistol

Feathers on porcelain gun. Unique art object by artist YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz. Extraordinary present for Thanksgiving or classy gift for deer hunter. Comes with bowl. Exclusive offer, one off.
PP/ F (Feather)
Blue Onion Porcelain Replica of James Bond’s Walther PPK with fitting dinnerware at coffeetable and chocolate cake
Replica of James Bond’s Walther PPK at coffeetable

Porcelain, handpainted, marked with YLS

PP/BO_tea time

The Porcelain Pistols are replicas of James Bond’s Walther PPK and its contemporary sister, the P99,with friendly permission of Carl Walther Inc.The fragile weapon, hand-painted in the style of classic tableware motifs, liesnext to your coffee and cake, asking to be picked up. Its coolness andcomfortable grip increase the qualms of the user, leaving him in a quandary between the pleasure of luxury and violence.

Art object Porcelain Pistol hand painted with Yellow Rose decor. Unique piece by YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz

PP/99/YR ( Yellow Rose)

Love and transience, beauty, wealth, and disappointment

Symbol of fragility of life, vanity of beauty and pleasure. The delicate porcelain with bouquet of flowers artwork is an unusual present.


A symbol of luxory and fragility of life.

Bone china Biscuit: This art object has a special touch, a matt surface. Porcelain Pistole is marked YLS, on stock

PP/BQ. This is Biscuit Porcelain.

The title of the Pistols allude to original description of “Polizei Pistole”, now Porcelain Pistol and decor

  • PP/99/ B (Blowball) (sold out)
  • PP/F (Feather)
  • PP/ BO (Blue Onion)
  • PP/ S (Strewn Flowers) (sold out)
  • PP/G (Golden Rim)
  • PP/99/B (Bouquet)
  • PP/99/R (Rose)
  • PP/99/YR (Yellow Rose)

Blue Onion porcelain pistol, James Bond's Carl Walther replica by YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz with classical Meissen Blue Onion dinnerware
PP/BO (Blue Onion, German: Zwiebelmuster) 

PP/BO at the exhibition Back to Earth

art object fragile Porcelain Pistol with Golden Rim decor by artist YLS
PP/G 1
Symbol of love, beauty, life and transience. Porcelain Pistole by YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz with handpainted red Rose
PP/99/R (red Rose)
Carl Walther's James Bond PPK replica in Porcelain by YLS. Close to mocca cup with scattered flowers

Often asked whether the art objects can be purchased.
Yes they are for sale and available.
Some will have to be manufactured especially for you at the KPM Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur Berlin, (Royal Porcelain Manufacturer Berlin)

Also as a personal gift, a monogrammed personal present:
The delicate object can be manufactured as an extraordinary individual present with a handwritten monogram of your name on it.

There are more decors which are not listed here.
In case you are looking for a unique personal gift, a PP with monogram will be produced specially for you.

Prices are depending on the limited editions and decors.

Please choose your favorite decor, or the one, the person you want to offer it to as a present would choose: flowers, gold, platin, minimal design.

You can shop it directly from the art studio by sending an email