One Sky Flag

Raised on International Days and Weeks of the United Nations

1997, Dom Koeln

A One Sky Flag is a symbol of peace and freedom offering many multifaceted associations

Sky Flag, 1996/1997

One Sky Flags are showing pictures of the boundless sky from above the territories on earth.
They may question the idea of one’s nationality by giving an impulse to think about identity.

Where is home? Where or what is Heimat, homeland ? those were the thoughts of some viewers of the art flag.

This One Sky Flag shows a photo of the sky taken by the artist YLS above the antipode of Germany, in Australia.
One Sky Flag was hoisted next to the flags of the EU and the UN. One Sky Flag was travelling Germany, flying at representative places in 10 German cities on International Days of the UN: World Press Freedom Day, International Disarmament Day, International Week of Peace, World Environment Day or the Human Rights Day mediating an unusual aspect of affiliation.

As usual with many flag raising ceremonies, raising the Sky Flag up the flag pole was accentuated with live music at each occasion.

SKY FLAG, World Population Day, Frankfurt, Römer.
Artist YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz
ONE SKY FLAG at UN anniversary flying together with German, EU and UN flag
SKY FLAG flying at the anniversary of the United Nations, City Hall, Bonn.
Artist YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz
Sky Flag, German flag, flag of Europe, flag of the United Nations at
the anniversary of the United Nations in Bonn. Artist YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz
One Sky Flag, flying at Munich, Odeonsplatz Theatinerkirche
Sky Flag flying at International Day of Peace, Odeonsplatz, Munich.
Artist YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz

A Sky Flag was flying at the Dome in Cologne, at the Roemer Frankfurt, at Grabbeplatz Duesseldorf, Odeonsplatz Munich, at Lombard Brigde Hamburg, at Bruehlsche Terrace close to Semper Opera in Dresden, at the City Hall in Naumburg/ Saale, at the City Hall in Wuppertal, at the City Hall in Bonn when being the Capital of Germany.

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