Clouds form a natural ONE SKY FLAG at empty flag pole. Photo by artist YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz

ONE SKY FLAGS . Horizons of Freedom

To celebrate the German Unity Day:
16 ONE SKY FLAGS will fly for the 16 German States in Hamburg at Jungfernstieg, 2-3 Oct. 2023

The invitation to participate with your photo of the sky above you where ever you are in Germany reflecting your impression of the German unity, democracy or your thoughts or fears about the future are published in German only: Horizonte der Freiheit
download with info, questionnaire, help and participating conditions:

ONE SKY FLAGS . Germany, 2021

In all 16 German Länder young people presented themselves and shot their personal view of the sky above them to realize the artwork. The single pictures were brought together and flying as flag banners, 3.20 x 5 m each, alluding to the shared one sky, right at the spot in the center of Berlin, where the Wall formerly divided the city.

ONE SKY FLAGS . Europe, 2019

Under the patronage of the European Parliament

Children age 9-14 in all EU member countries took a photo of the sky above their country. They presented themselves and filled in a questionnaire.
For each EU country, one sky photo was printed as a flag.
28 ONE SKY FLAGS were flying together at the flag poles at the European Parliament.

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At the United Nations Headquarters, New York

The vision: The youth from around the globe will be invited to participate.<

195 ONE SKY FLAGS from around the world will fly together in front of the United Nations in New York
The Executive Office of the Secretary-General called it an innovative project.