Light Matters.

And your perspective. Along with movement.

The work of glass and light is visually capturing. It creates constantly
changing colors and shadows corresponding to the light and the viewer’s
perspective. From different floors in the building, when walking down a
hallway or taking the stairs, the viewer seems to be connected to the work.
As if looking at his individually emerging color spectrum, his slightest
movement gives raise to another color. A person standing only a bit away
looks at different colors. The changes related to one’s position are
intriguing, inviting to consciously perceive space and to keep moving.

Light Flatters, 2015

University of Rostock, Dept. Science and Technology of Life, Light and Matter
Gerber Architects

Extension of installation: 98.5‘ x 52,5‘ x 0.4‘
Safety glass panels: 3.3‘ x 26.24 x 0.55“/piece
[Gesamtfläche: 30 m x 16 m x 0,12 m
VSG Gläser a 100 x 80 x 1,4 cm]





Light-Matters_UniRostock_YLS_ glass_1901



Pursuant to the regulations of the general technical approval,
general building inspectorate approval, fire regulations in emergency exits,
vandalism-protected and without significant maintenance.

Light Matters. Wall Work

Light and Colors in Motion

Light Flatters, unobtrusive yet amazing, questions our visual perception
while presenting the laws of physics.

The art work plays with the incident angle of light and the observer’s viewpoint:
as time goes by and the observer moves, the glass panels seemingly
become alive, changing colors, their saturation and hues of reflections.
Each observer has his own color experience: from one position, the glass
may look red.  Somebody else standing in a different position sees the same
glass as being yellow.
You have to go over there and look yourself.