Incidence of Light

Entrance Hall Ludwig Hoffmann-Primary School, Berlin,
AFF Architects

Art installation in public space, wall hanging glass panes changing colors in Berlin School by YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz

The colors of the glass panels change depending on light direction
and the position of the children. By raising our natural curiosity
the work invites the children to actively walk around and to
experience the space with its various emerging color moods which
seem to follow and concentrate on each single observer.
Incidence of Light alludes to butterflies, bright pages of an open
book or windows to a kaleidoscopic world.

The primary school with its young students requires resistance
to ball impact. Thick safety glass panels are securely framed and
mounted in the emergency exit, which is also the main staircase
of the entrance hall.
At low light conditions, a light sensor turns on spotlights.

Site specific wall hanging art work which changes colors when seen from different angles. By YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz
Site Specific wall hanging artwork  in school with colorful glass panes by YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz

Safety glass, light sensor, spotlights
powder coated metal frames a 42.5″ x 16” x 7”/ each
installation dimensions: 21 ft 6 ft x 8”
Winner of the competition 2011
Realisation 2015

According to the regulations of the general technical
approval, general building inspectorate approval,
fire regulations in emergency exits, vandalism-protected,
even ball-impact-resistant, without significant maintenance.