Putti Bowl,  2013

Handpainted KPM Porcelain Bowl
Handpainted KPM Porcelain Bowl, black and white

With a wink young Amor is the main actor in this work. He serves
love straight to the point, and is hanging out in roccailles, an
elaborated hand painted decor, that adorns a large KPM fruit bowl.

Chubby putti are sprawling nonchalantly in the entwined leafage,
posing with daring gestures. As a child of our time, Amor suitably wears
a gun instead of bow and arrow.
The porcelain of the Royal Porcelain Manufacturer KPM, the roccailles
and putti, all citations of luxury, appear to be as cute as they are absurd.



This work and the Porcelain Pistols PP/Z were selected for the exhibition

Back to Earth, from Picasso to Ai Wei Wei.



Putti, 2010

Handpainted KPM Porcelain dishes
Soup Plate ø 225 mm, Service Plate ø 320 mm,  Dinner Plate ø 260 mm

One set of 6 ach with 3 plates, 18pcs.