Rosarium / Lily Pond

Finest porcelain tableware from KPM, Royal Porcelain Manufacturer Berlin,
is broken to pieces.
8.2 ft  x  8.2 ft x 0.66 ft /  ca. 2.50 m x 2.50 m x 0,2 m.

Tableware which we use for the social tradition of eating together is broken to pieces.
Of the heaps of shards only a few ones were selected and delicately recomposed.

Alike blossoms with scattered petals, the ensemble alludes to lilies floating
on a pond or an architectural setting.

The purely white blossoms are razor-sharp
as if the roses are wearing their scars like thorns up front.

The idyllic setting reveals the signs of the undergone destruction.

roses, blossom, porcelain, bone china, war, tradition, alone, corona