Eine Rede und Kommentare zur Installation an der Landesvertretung Niedersachsen, 2021 facebook.LVNiedersachsen/Ministerin-Hone


FLÜCHTIG – ZEICHENHAFT – BEDROHLICH 15. Mai – 16. August 2020 Bettina von Arnim   Laurenz Berges Henry Bond E.R. N

Unity in Diversity

Gallery Brigitte Schenk, Cologne, June-Aug. 2018 Exhibition with refugees and migrants New porcelain works showing Arabic word

VANDA Conference

“Dangerous Worlds: Encounters of Art and Violence” ‘2Sweet2Kill’ – The Art of Cosmopolitics Michael Schillme

Writing Material Culture History

Cover image: PP/F (Porcelain Pistol/ Feather) Editor(s): Anne Gerritsen, Giorgio Riello See larger image Published: 18-12-2014

Flower Wreath

Gedenkstätte Bernauer Strasse, Berlin Wall Temporary intervention with white paper blossoms In remembrance of border crossers

Speculative Research/ The Lure of Possible Futures

‘2sweet2kill’ The chapter is  coauthored with Prof. Dr. Michael Schillmeier Department of Sociology, Philosophy &

Winner of the Competition of Site Specific Art, Ludwig Hoffmann-Primary School, Berlin

Gewinner des Wettbewerbs fuer Kunst am Bau Ludwig Hoffmann-Grundschule, Berlin-Friedrichshain am Neubau  als Erweiterungsbau

Talk at Tedx SV

I am glad having been invited to present my work with the chocolate guns and the photos taken with the kids at Tedx SV /Silico

Révisons nos classiques

La terre dans l’art contemporain Group exhibition with Pierre Ardouvin, Julien Bouillon, Nicolas Buffe, Fabrice Croux, V